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Are you looking to build a successful rental portfolio of single or multifamily family properties? Or maybe you need someone you can trust to care for your family home. Either way, Better Spot is your partner with only one thing in mind – ensuring your experience is 100% problem and pain-free.

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Easily browse hundreds of available properties for rent and choose the one that’s right for you!

Looking for your next single or multi-family deal? Or need to sell a property quickly and easily? Reach out to speak with our professionals.

Let our professionals find you a well-qualified resident who faithfully pays you rent on time every month!

Minimize the regulatory and operational costs while maximizing your investment and quality of life.

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Your safety and peace of mind are more important than ever. Whether you’re buying, renting, or listing, we’ll guide you through every step.

Learn how we make renting your home easy

Owner onboarding

We will complete a walk-through inspection to see if your house is rent ready.

Resident screening

Our 3-step underwriting process ensures we find the perfect resident for your home.

Ask about our 21-day lease guarantee for new owners

Bring on a new home and we’ll rent it in 21 days or two free months of management.

How much should your house rent for?

Featured Cities

Discover hundreds of homes for rent all over the United States.

List Your Property

We take renting your home seriously and harness the power of our digital marketing expertise to get your house noticed, applications filled out, and residents placed. Our current marketing efforts for our rental homes drive approximately 20k unique visitors to our website each month. This marketing traffic is what produces showings, which produces applications, which produces a well-qualified resident for your rental property.

Set Up Tours Online

Take advantage of our ALL-DIGITAL leasing process. Potential residents can digitally visit a home, fill out an application, sign a lease, and move into a home without any face-to-face interaction.

Screen Residents

Better Spot  makes finding a perfect resident simple. We investigate all available records including favorable rent and work history, credit report, and a thorough criminal background check.

21 Day Lease Guarantee

We will rent your home in 21 days, or your first two months of management are free. This is a one-time guarantee for new properties.

Maintenance Guarantee

If there is a vendor or installation related problem with our work within the first year, we will make it right at no cost to you.

Resident Eviction Guarantee

Should a resident be fully evicted within the first 12 months of their lease term, we will replace the resident and waive the leasing fee.

100% Happiness Guarantee

We will rent your home in 21 days, or your first two months of management are free. This is a one-time guarantee for new properties.

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Property management isn’t an easy business, and there’s no substitute for disciplined habits if you want to remain successful. This is why our team commits themselves to daily disciplines both inside and outside the office. The positive habits we create in life impact our company and our clients for the better.